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My journey as a professional Carpenter and Timber Framer began in 1995 when I traveled to Germany to participate in a two-year timber framing apprenticeship. Thanks to my father, a general contractor who never missed an opportunity to firmly establish the value of hard work, I was well prepared for the arduous physical labor of an apprenticeship. What I was unprepared for was the camaraderie and sense of belonging I immediately felt as a Zimmerer.

To study under a master craftsman in the ancient tradition of an apprenticeship, especially in the art of timber framing, changed my life forever. Being part of a vocation that is so highly revered in the German community has instilled in me an enormous sense of pride. In the following years as a professional carpenter, I have endeavored to instill this sense of pride and craftsmanship in every project I undertake.

– Corey Tips


“The owner of this company, Corey Tips, is quite possibly the most talented craftsman in Fort Collins. I am incredibly pleased with the work Corey completed at our home and am continually impressed with his work in other people’s homes. To top it all off, Corey is kind and easy to work with- a huge plus in my book.” Audrey Ruple-Cerniak