What is timber framing?

Timber framing is a unique style of building where heavy timbers are used to frame the structure instead of more slender dimensional lumber. Timber framing was a building practice used throughout the world up until 1900. One of the most defining elements of a timber frame is the unique joints, crafted together via mortise and tenon then secured with wooden pegs.


Should I inform you of my max budget?

It is the responsibility of the home designer to keep the project within budget and we do that job best when we have accurate information. You will be working with High Plains Timber Frames to manage the budget every step of the way from land acquisition, preparation, permitting, constructing and finishing touches. When clients are clear and honest about their budget, we can effectively guide you through the process and help build the best structure within your budget.


What are the benefits of timber frame building?

Durability, energy efficiency, design flexibility, artistry and craftsmanship and heritage. The team at High Plains Timber Frames will happily talk to you honestly and passionately about the pros and cons of timber frame building.